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Hello, submissive soul.

I am Maya, the Mistress, the Queen, the Goddess.

I understand and share with the same impulses as you - but in the opposite side. Which is why, even though we share the same impulses, we are not equals.

On My Presence you will always be a inferior creature. A worm crawling to my shoes. A less-than-awsome, semi-human kind of being. I will make sure of that.

I will release you from your own desperate sense of 'self'.

I will strip you from your own humanity, comfort, and numbness.

I will free you from the cages of your own roles, mediocrity and normality.

All of this, under your own consent.

You will thank me - and you will mean it.

Interested? Follow My Lead:

  • Read

    Read My Terms carefully. Know what you are getting into.

  • Apply via Form

    After reading the Terms above, apply via The Mistress Form for candidates to submission. The Mistress Form is a detailed overview of your interests, BDSM background, soft and hard limits. After answering the questions you will receive a “Tribute Value Preview” which is automatically calculated – and is not the final tribute required until approved by Me.

  • Recieve the Mistress veredict

    Once you submit your answers, I will be notified and read them and get in touch with you knowing if you were approved to serve Me or not, and what is the required tribute. That’s also the opportunity to discuss any questions you might have regarding our meeting. We will also discuss logistics about place, time and other details.

  • Start your Trainning

    Once we meet in the designated place and time, I expect my tribute in an envelope in the begging of our encounter. You will refer to Me as Mistress, Queen, Boss, or any other name I designate you to use according to your fetishes and my mood. Be polite, clean, and kind. Be on your knees and await for instructions. It is okay to smile. It is okay to have an erection. And it is okay to be nervous.

What is expected from you:

Basic Female Domination etiquette

Propper Language

You will treat me as 'Mistress', 'Goddess' or any other vocative that I choose, in every moment since the beginning. You will be treated as 'slave', 'servant', 'subject' or any other name I see fit. You will be authorized to make questions as long as you ask for permission to speak and follow this etiquette.


BDSM is for grown-ups. It is an intense experience for both sides, therefore it requires commitment to the experience. It is a deep dive into our psyche. Take this journey seriously. Have consistency between your words and your actions.


It is expected from you to display basic hygiene in our meetings, be polite in your words and gestures. Use your words in a formal tone once you approach Me, specially in the beginning and do not loose sight of who I Am and what you are - or face consequences.