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I'm Maya, a professional artist of pleasure and pain. An experienced Domina, active since 2015.

I was born and raised in Brazil, and I have italian, germanic and native american origins. Since an early age, power dynamics were a big subject of study and observation to me. That led me into graduating in Economics, in one of the best public Universities in South America. Not much time later, I decided to take Professional Female Domination as my main full time occupation. I couldn't see it back then, but dominating professionally was the praxis of the theory I have always studied - but applied to a individual context, in a erotic consent-based atmosphere.

And that's how I managed to gather resources to move to Europe, and upgraded my career to an international level. And I'm just getting started.

My approach of Domination is not a performance, or an acting, or satisfying submissive's fetishes. But rather, train male subjects into servitude, into vulnerability, surrender, thoughtfulness, or whatever I see fit for each specific slave. I prefer long term FemDom relationships, so I can shape my subjects to My Will, but I understand this level of intensity is not for everyone.

I believe in the power of a clear and direct communication regarding expectations and boundaries for a healthy relationship and I apply that into my Domination as well. Emotional Intelligence applied to fetishism turns Me on. Don't worry. I can teach you that, through time. And I'll reward your efforts and progress the best way I see fit.

This is why I have created and improved The Mistress Form, now on its third version, where I can have a nice 'map' of the candidate's tendencies and boundaries, and have ideas of how I can shape them into My desires. Let's set this from the start: trust, surrender and submission. Oh, hell yeah.

Oh, by the way, you might wanna know I speak fluent English and Portuguese. I speak some Spanish and some Italian.

I wish you good fortune in your FemDom journey - no matter your role.

If you are a slave, please read My Terms before applying.

And if you are a fellow Domme, let's hang

Best wishes,

Mistress Maya