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Invite Me to your city


Invite Me to your city

If you'd like to invite Me to your city for a meeting you still have to submit to My Terms.

Once your Form is approved, we may discuss logistics regarding my travel. You will be responsible for my travel costs and I will be available to meet you during an entire day or night. We might go out for dinner or to a kinky party (or even a vanilla one in case you enjoy cuckolding). Whatever we both feel comfortable with, to make it a really special occasion. I suggest a spacious hotel room where I can be hosted and also where the session can take place.

I might request a proof of identity such as a LinkedIn profile, personal Facebook profile or ID.

We might also make a quick video call online to set up the details. The call is not a Distance Domination session.

A single tribute covering everything will be discussed and I will request a percentage of it before I travel as a guarantee of your commitment. The transfer can be done via SEPA or crypto (Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Once you submit your Form be sure to choose the option "Invite The Mistress".