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My story as a Professional Dominatrix (so far)

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Well, I always had ‘tendencies’ into different forms of unconventional sexuality.

But my story on professional FemDom started online in June 2015, when I decided to be a cam girl. It was a decision carefully made, which changed my life forever — for the better. I really enjoyed that whole new dynamic my days took, and felt really passionate about it.

From day one, fetishes and kinks were an important part of my persona. But it took me a while to mature my Domination. I was lucky to have experienced slaves who knew how to ‘dance’ with me, being very clear in what they liked and what they didn’t like. I also could count on the advice of more experienced Dominas who very patiently asked some questions I might have here and there.

Around a year later, I made my first session in person with a submissive I met online. He came from another city to meet me in a fine hotel. He was a good looking young strong man, who happened to need a wheel chair to move around, and a Mistress who wouldn’t feel sorry for him. And waw… It was a hard core session. Psychologically AND physically.

From there it didn’t take long until I got my first regular slaves and start building my first website. A few of them I still remember and treasure memories. Others, became stalkers and had to be cut off. I still have to deal with some of them from time to time. And with a few I still have contact with.

By the beginning of 2016 I was already a full time Domina. Consistently leveling up my game, my content online and writing in my kinky blog about what I thought was useful to the community, in my own website.

By 2017 I moved to a bigger apartment, a beautiful rooftop surrounded my huge trees, green areas and an amazing sunset. I had a special room to be my “dungeon-home-office” where I kept all my accessories, and to perform my online sessions. That was when shit got real. I got myself great mentors, other Queens more experienced than me. Some were or became friends, others were hired advisers. I read the classics of BDSM, psychology and other Mistresses authors. I was thriving.

Then FOSTA/SESTA came in, changing all the rules in online advertisement even for us in Brazil. In June, 2017, I had joined Pop Porn debates to take these unfair legislation into public attention.

Slowly the number of slaves I had in São Paulo was growing, and I was distributing my time between home in the countryside and the capital. Going and coming from home to metropolis monthly, driving my own car through the roads surrounded by gorgeous landscapes became my dream-life-came-true. I could never have imagined it when I first began.

And then, by 2018 and 2019, a series of events took place that ended up making me go slower and slower in my career, until I finally had to shut it off completely. I can’t go into details yet, but Brazil went from a ‘hostile’ place to me into officially dangerous. My plans to come to Europe had to be rushed. Besides, I had a few opportunities to come here that might never happen again.

Finally, I arrived in Europe. But it takes a while to find stability in a new continent where you know nobody. Especially when you leave in a hurry and don’t speak the local language fluently. It was a brave action, but still very difficult. I missed the sessions so much it felt like a part of me was stolen. I used to have nightmares about it. It was a rough phase, and my mental health was shaken. But it taught me priceless lessons about Power Dynamics in real life. Dominance goes way beyond latex and whips. It comes from the core of our life force — or it doesn’t.

Finally, in November of last year, I found the stability I needed and things got way easier. After getting my permit bureaucracies were handled, and I could start working, I finally could go back to FemDom, and chose Lisbon as my starting point, and as my refuge for the Winter. Now that Spring is coming, I can get to start to get to know other countries, and chose (and be chosen by) a place to call home in this side of the Atlantic.

My first destination is Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have high expectations for the famous Dutch FemDom scene. I’ll keep you all posted for sure 😉


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