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Online Arts

Online Arts

Serving Me can be hard core, but finding a way to serve Me online should not.

I work with I Want platform, and IndieBill.

Both are kinky friendly, trustworthy, and in the online scene for years making the life of independent performers easier. They accept all credit cards worldwide, but you might wanna check if your card is enabled for international payments.

By clicking one the images you will be redirected to one of this plarforms.


Time to take your slave training to another level. Your cock is no longer yours. I get to choose WHEN, HOW and IF you will cum. Daily check-ins, random calls, and pictures or videos to tease you into temptation are just some of the fun I have stored for my chaste bitches. Click on the image to be redirected to IndieBill.

Skype Sessions

Needing some one on one attention, slave? Well, let's see if you can handle it. We will schedule the best day and time once you choose your package. Also, we will discuss your hard limits and tendencies, so I prefer the best online session for both of us. Click on the image and be redirected to IndieBill to choose.

Fan Club

My Fan Club selects the very best content for my very best servants. No censorship zone. The best way to get closer to Me day by day. Click on the image to be redirected.

Got other kinky ideas?

Great. I'm listening.

Let Me know what you have in mind via the Contact page.