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The Arts


The Arts


Keeping it safe in times of COVID-19

In times of such uncertainty, it is not possible to determine and calculate exact risks of in-person sessions, therefore, not safe to have a Safe, Sane and Consensual practice at this point.

Unfortunately, for both you AND Me, the wise and responsible decision to be taken is to suspend all presential sessions until the isolation measures are withdrawn. We can still continue trainings online like Chastity, Feminization and have virtual/video/audio sessions online - as well as other practices only possible online such as TeamViewer takeovers, and other digital delicious tortures. I have prepared a series of weekly online trainings at very reasonable Tributes, specially for this occasion, as a way to ease our ways through this difficult times.

The guidelines below are still valid, but consider them for post-isolation times. The button for the Form won't be active during this time.

I hope we all cross these difficult moments as quickly and wisely as possible. 🙏🏻

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My Arts are an extension of who I am. Therefore, I make the rules, and you, obey.

I have more then 4 years of experience in the arts of Female Domination, most of it, 24/7. I take the premisses of SSC as my standard approach, but I will be opened to other approaches as well if we already know each other well and if we both agree upon the risks (RACK).

In other words, my approach is ALWAYS Consent Based.

And personally, I don’t think any practitioner should tolerate less than that.

My approach regarding Female Domination was designed to help servants to overcome their own blockages regarding submission and indiscipline, into becoming truely useful assets to Me – as well to other Queens he or she might have later on.

Therefore, it is a process of erotic pedagogy applied into Power Dynamics.

If you are smart and sensible enough you will also be able to apply such learning in your personal life.

Talking about Erotism, a common question in my experience is if I have intercourse with my subjects. Well, if you look for what vanillas call “sex”, I suggest you look for a professional offering companionship and I’m sure the internet can help you a lot with that.

I am looking for candidates capable of true submission and devotion. Ready to undress themselves from their own restraints. Ready to sacrifice. To surrender. And to work hard to deserve their place under My feet.

With that being said, let’s go into some practical aspects:

  • Slaves with intentions of long term FemDom relationships have priority over casual sessions candidates.

Quality over Quantity. I prefer to establish stable FemDom relationships. My ultimate goal is to obtain 5 personal subjects, developed into the excellency of male submission, that support Me and my projects. My personal slaves will assist Me in my daily life, make themselves useful to me and my closest friends, eventually be taken into events and parties as my subject. I am aware that this is not for everyone. After a while of training you may or may not be invited to become my personal slave.

  • Every candidate into submission will fulfill The Mistress Form – where one can can accepted or denied.

The Form, developed my Me throughout my years of experience, provides Me with deep, complete intel about you and your tendencies, limits and potentials as a subject. With that, I will be able to know if we are a match or not, and if you are ready to submit to Me.

  • I welcome newbies and experienced candidates alike.

A humble novice is way more desirable than an experienced slave that tries to tell Me how to act, or that judges that his experience is more valuable than mine. If you are experienced, you will get nothing special from be – expect an extra exigence regarding your basic Discipline and FemDom etiquette. Expect no privileges. 

  • All candidates are required a financial tribute

Money is a form of Power. By tributing Me financially, you are granting Me Power. Very directly. Very real. Very serious. To Me, It makes absolutely no sense, to offer my Arts, my Presence, my Beauty, and my Time to invest in a slave that does not invest himself on Me.

If you have your Form approved, I will inform you my suggestion regarding length of encounter as well as the required Tribute and place of session. The tributes vary according to the practices chosen, Contract duration, and other aspects.

  • Servants can be man, women, sissies or other gender identifications.

Do not expect privileges, though.

  • Couples interested in encounters with Me are also welcome - under certain conditions.

At least one of you will have to submit. To Me, or you your partner. I will not submit to you. Both of you will be required to fulfill The Form separately and either both of you are approved or none is.

My Hard Limits and Tendencies

What you Must know

Hard Limits

  • Dope Kink

    No drugs during or before session. I need you sober to play. Exceptions apply for small amount of alcohol in case we choose to go out to dinner together, or soft core feminization sessions.

  • Needle play

    Unless we meet in a dungeon prepared for equipment sterilization and a 100% prophylaxis, I will not engage in practices evolving perforations or needles.

  • CNC roleplay

    “Consensual non consensual” roleplays are one of my hard limits.

  • Following a scrypt

    Don’t expect me to be an actress from a scrypt you created in your head. If you have an specific fetish or roleplay you’d like to come true, I’ll gladly discuss it with you.


  • Sensual Domination

    Sensuality is a strong natural characteristic of mine, and I do not repress or try to smooth it when with my slaves.

  • Dominant Sadism

    I prefer when both are together, but, if you wish to be dominated without physical pain or experience physical/mental pain without being dominated, I’m also opened to it.

  • Steady FemDom Relationships

    One step at at a time, if we feel we have a good D/s chemestry, we may reach an agreement for a steady relationship.

  • FemDom threesomes

    I welcome couples who desire a FemDom experience (at least one of you has to submit), or cucks in need.

Some of the Practices I'm into:

Sensual Domination // Bondage // Spanking // Shibari // Cuckold // Feminization // Chastity // CBT // More Spanking // Anal play // Feet Worhsip/Play/Kissing/Rubs // Latex // Leather // Roleplays // More roleplays // Pet play // Ball busting // Jerk-off Instructions // Consented Blackmail // Intellectual Domination // Wrestling // Cum Eating Instructions // Ruined Orgasm // Hypno Domination // Verbal Humiliation // Body Worship // Post-Orgasmic Torture // and others

What is expected from you:

Basic Female Domination etiquette

Propper Language

You will treat me as 'Mistress', 'Goddess' or any other vocative that I choose, in every moment since the beginning. You will be treated as 'slave', 'servant', 'subject' or any other name I see fit. You will be authorized to make questions as long as you ask for permission to speak and follow this etiquette.


BDSM is for grown-ups. It is an intense experience for both sides, therefore it requires commitment to the experience. It is a deep dive into our psyche. Take this journey seriously. Have consistency between your words and your actions.


It is expected from you to display basic hygiene in our meetings, be polite in your words and gestures. Use your words in a formal tone once you approach Me, specially in the beginning and do not loose sight of who I Am and what you are - or face consequences.

Interested? Follow My lead:

  • Read

    Read My Terms carefully. Know what you are getting into.

  • Apply via Form

    After reading the Terms above, apply via The Mistress Form for candidates to submission. The Mistress Form is a detailed overview of your interests, BDSM background, soft and hard limits. After answering the questions you will receive a “Tribute Value Estimative” which is automatically calculated – and is not the final tribute required until approved by Me. Minimum tribute is currently 200 €

  • The Verdict

    Once you submit your answers, I will be notified and read them and get in touch with you knowing if you were approved to serve Me or not, and what is the required tribute. That’s also the opportunity to discuss any questions you might have regarding our meeting. We will also discuss logistics about place, time and other details.

  • Start your Trainning

    Once we meet in the designated place and time, I expect my tribute in an envelope in the begging of our encounter. You will refer to Me as Mistress, Queen, Boss, or any other name I designate you to use according to your fetishes and my mood. Be polite, clean, and kind. Be on your knees and await for instructions.